HP iPAQ 900 series smartphone

HP iPAQ 900
HP's iPAQ 900 series smartphones haven't exactly had the smoothest of releases ('round these parts at least) since they were first announced way back in September of last year, but one of 'em has at least managed to recently trickle out into the hands of the lucky folks at the FCC, which could possibly indicate that it's actually nearing a US release. In case you missed it, the Windows Mobile-based phone was previously hinted as coming to AT&T in its iPAQ 910 incarnation, although the FCC unsurprisingly doesn't have anything to say about that possibility.

EX2 Body-Sonic Vibration Phone

EX2 Body-Sonic
Naon has launched its new 2.2 sonic body-vibration headset called the EX2. The EX2 can deliver both normal sounds (for the outer ear) and body-sonic vibration (for the inner ear). You can even control the bone-conduction sound and vibration so you can find that "sweet spot" in listening music through headset that you've always been looking for. Originally released in Japan where it sold 200,000 units, the EX2 headset costs US$45.

Pioneer's AVIC-F500BT GPS

Pioneer's AVIC-F500BT GPS
So Pioneer's cramming a 5.8-inch 800 x 480 screen into this AVIC-F500BT "portable" navigation device, and just got themselves some FCC approval for shipping it over to the States. In addition to that gargantuan screen, the F500 really excels at connectivity, with Bluetooth for hands-free calling, an optional traffic antenna, and some ND-BC2 add-on to hook the unit up to a rear view camera. You can also use it to control your iPod, but there's an SD card slot if you want to handle those tunes with the F500. No word on price or availability, but this unit sells as the NavGate 500 over in Europe for a whopping 699 Euro -- about $1100 US. Ouch.