New Sony VRD-MC6 DVDirect DVD recorder

Sony VRD-MC6 DVDirect DVD recorder

A new DVD recorder in the form of the VRD-MC6 - the next generation multi-function DVDirect DVD recorder which is touted to transfer both high-definition and standard-definition home videos and digital photos to DVD discs without the need for a computer acting as a middleman. What makes the new VRD-MC6 model so special? While we’re going to look at it in further detail right after the jump, let me share with you an open secret - the device comes with a 2.7″ color LCD display that is handy for previewing video files, and you can also use it to check out up to half a dozen digital photos simultaneously. In addition, the wonders of modern technology and miniaturization has made it nearly 60% smaller compared to its predecessor.

According to Shige Nakayama, manager of the DVDirect business at Sony, “Many customers still have their old home movies on tapes and are looking for an easy solution to archive their personal digital imaging content on DVD discs. With the larger built-in LCD color screen in a smaller body, the new DVDirect model makes it easier for customers to transfer the content to DVD discs for archiving, enjoying and sharing with family and friends.” The VRD-MC6 is able to transfer AVCHD quality videos to DVD discs in their native 1080i HD resolution when hooked directly to a Sony hard drive or Memory Stick media-based Handycam camcorder - surely you didn’t expect anything less than that from Sony! AVCHD quality DVDs can also be played back on compatible Blu-ray Disc devices, and these will include other players, computer optical drives and PS3 consoles.