Exhaust Air Jack

Exhaust Air Jack
The exhaust air jack is a bright orange bag which you throw under the side of your car. Once there, you hook up the pipe to your exhaust and switch on your engine. The exhaust fumes that are pumped out go in to the bag and will jack up the car within 30 seconds. The bag can lift the car 17 inches off the ground which is plenty of space to allow you to get the wheel off. To prevent exhaust fumes escaping there is a one way valve in to the bag which allows you to switch off the engine while keeping the bag inflated. There are other benefits of owning this product too as it works in in mud, snow and on uneven surfaces.

IOGEAR USB 2.0 External DVI Video Card

IOGEAR thinks it has the solution with a USB 2.0 External DVI Video Card, instantly opening up an additional DVI or VGA computer screen via a USB connection. All you need to do to start rocking to two monitors is to hook up the adapter to the USB port, install the included driver and you’re good to go. There is no more hassle of opening up a dusty computer case nor running the risk of suffering cuts whenever you try to slide in a new video card. Perfect for folks who want to be more productive despite using leased equipment that prohibits one from opening up the chassis and adding in/removing components.

With a multiple monitor setup, office drones can then multi-task by stretching large spreadsheets and documents across multiple displays. I personally feel that your productivity and efficiency will increase as you get to open multiple program windows without having them overlap one another, courtesy of the additional screen real estate. According to Miranda Su, executive vice president at IOGEAR, “Users need a simple and effective way to create a multi-monitor workstation to increase productivity. Our USB 2.0 External DVI Video Card gives them the additional screen space they need to work efficiently with the least complicated set-up.”

IOGEAR’s USB 2.0 External DVI Video Card has pretty limited compatibility though, as it works with just Windows XP and Vista operating systems. It comes with a recommended retail price of $149.99 and is available immediately from all major catalog and online resellers, as well as select retail outlets. Each purchase comes with a 3-year warranty.