T-Mobile G1 Comes with a 3.5mm Headphone Adapter

T-Mobile G1
Everyone noticed how the first Android phone was promised to have access to lots of Amazon tracks and despite all that it failed to show a 3.5mm adapter. It looks like that whole problem has been finally solved. New G1s will get a 3.5mm headphone adapted for the ExtUSB port the phone comes with. That means you can get your headphones plugged into that free-of-charge adapter for some better quality music. What do you say? Will that make you buy a G1 today or are you sticking with the Storm?

Trossen Robotics

Trossen Robotics
High torque metal gear servos, LiPo batteries for longer run times, a fluid 3D visual software programming interface for easy custom motions, and a remote control unit are included. Everything you need to have you own walking robot is included in this ready-to-walk kit! With over a hundred pre-installed motions and sounds you can get this robot throwing some dance floor shapes or some killer fighting moves straight from the box.
Trossen Robotics will be making available its new MechRC Humanoid Robot to the masses in the US, and parents can breath easy since this Christmas present won’t break the $1,000 barrier in terms of pricing. That doesn’t mean it is affordable for everyone though, since it is still pretty pricey at $599.99 - definitely not an impulse purchase considering how everyone else is tightening their wallets to weather the current global economic meltdown.

Intel's convertible Classmate PC

The third-generation Classmate PC looked completely unprepared for the real world comin' out of IFA, Intel has clearly hit the books during the fall term. Now, the convertible Classmate has graduated to the FCC, where we're shown a user's manual, label ID and a smattering of pathetic images.