Solar Panel Display Turn Table

Solar Panel Display Turn Table

The latest Lego creation or a signed action figure of some sort, your favorite items should get the special treatment. There may be little to no point to having a table that turns, but it makes you and your special items appear important. Plus it is sort of eco-friendly, after all it is solar powered.

Of course it’s not entirely eco-friendly, because it is you contributing to the creation of a pretty much pointless gadget that will eventually end up in the local dump. However, it’s solar powered, so for those that don’t question when someone calls something eco-friendly, it’ll fool them in a heartbeat. It comes in three different colors, black, silver and white. It has a total of four solar panels that keep it spinning.

HD Pocket camcorder has projector built on it

HD Pocket camcorder

HD Pocket camcorders shooting 720p when word comes of a model that has a Pico projector built in for instant projection of home movies. Yeah, that’s right, now you can shoot vacation videos and bore your friends in real time by projecting them anywhere!

Digilife is the same of the company and their new DDV-JF1 shoots 720p at 30 frames per second, or 848×480 at 60 fps, or postage sized 320×240 at 30 fps. Video which can be watched on its 2 ½ inch LCD screen or by the 640×260 pico projector. The Pico Projector first made headlines in 2006 and was heralded as an ideal business option for smart phones and pocket presentations while on the road. But this is the first time we’ve seen it as an option for a camcorder. And there’s a good reason for that. Battery life. The Pico Projection option will kill batteries of an average pocket camcorder in nothing flat, and with a size of 640×260, you won’t be watching movies on a sheet hung on the wall any time soon. Still though, it’s an awesome idea that could catch on if the power and brightness issues can be addressed.