SteelSeries Mouse for WoW Gamers

SteelSeries Mouse for WoW Gamers
The mouse will let users create macros or use predefined ones for their treks through Blizzard’s soul-eater. It also has 800-3000 CPI and a 3.6mm lift distance.

Asus intros WiMAX-equipped M50Vm-A1WM 15.4 incherAsus intros WiMAX-equipped M50Vm-A1WM 15.4 incher

Asus intros WiMAX-equipped M50Vm-A1WM 15.4 incher
Asus' M50Vm-A1 laptop -- the M50Vm-A1WM -- just showed up on Newegg and Amazon. Soulcrushingly long (mostly) alphanumeric string aside, it's a decent 15.4'' machine for its $1,399 price point, with desktop replacement specs: Intel Core 2 Duo P8400, 4GB of RAM, a GeForce 9600M with a satisfying 1GB of dedicated graphics memory, and even a numpad. What's new here is onboard WiMAX, which puts Asus on the post-XOHM launch bandwagon with Toshiba, Acer and other laptop manufacturers.

LG KC780 to be launched

LG KC780
One of the smart technologies found in the LG KC780 is Face Detection, and this will automatically find and focus on people’s faces so that the photographer is able to capture clearer portrait shots. In addition, LG’s Smile Detection technology is smart enough to recognize the angle of people’s mouths and adjust focus for faces. Good to see such features appear on a cell phone, where they were once the domain of dedicated digital cameras. While the LG KC780 won’t have the full functionality of a digital camera, it has enough to make this function as a backup just in case your primary shooter dies due to lack of battery or some other unfortunate inconvenience. You will be able to choose from automatic modes, a Beauty Mode that removes spots and imperfections on people’s faces, high ISO 1600, SmartLight setting for optimal brightness settings and an integrated Image Stabilizer.