Panasonic turning cellphone to next Plasma

Panasonic is working on a new low-voltage (1.5v) plasma technology which it says will rival OLED displays in brightness, thinness, and contrast. Better yet, Panasonic claims that its plasmas can be manufactured for "much less money" than OLEDs. Panny already has plans to include their new plasma displays in cellphones for use with AT&T's Mobile TV service, gas pumps, ATMs, and on HP printers under a new exclusive two-year deal. Color us impressed if the new displays look anything like the 3.5-inch, 854 x 480 pixel Viera phone instead of that anemic looking phone pictured above which accompanied the press release.

Samsung's first PMP

Samsung first PMP
Samsung is a huge Company producing cameras, cell phones, TV's, printers, DVD player and other electronics. Finally the Samsung has decided to please the youth with a portable media player. I bet Samsung did a pretty good job with this player because it's the first one. They called it P2 and made a real PMP monster out of it: giving it almost all the features that a person might want from a personal player.

First of all its main function is to playback media for the user. Believe me; everything is great in this concern: Samsung P2 supports MP3 and WMA formats which should be enough for now. Concerning video playback the P2 supports WMV9, MPEG4, SVI formats; finally you can look through you JPEG gallery on its 3 inch display. In addition to all that Samsung gives you the possibility to listen to FM radio too.