Best Buy to Sell Palm Pre Phones Starting with June 7

Palm Pre Phones

It looks like Palm’s Pre will be available from Best Buy starting with June 7. Should we all just assume that Sprint will also start selling the device around the same date? As for the prices, word on the street is that Best Buy will sell the Pre for $199.99 for new customers when they choose a 2-year plan, $299.99 for upgrades and an astounding $999.99 for unsubsidized phones. We’ll just have to wait and see if anyone will confirm all that!

Intel DX58SO X58 Express Chipset

Intel DX58SO X58 Express Chipset

Intel chipset-based motherboards have always been some of the most reliable boards on the market. Not only that, but Intel chipset-based motherboards that are produced by Intel have always been some of the most feature rich and durable boards on the market. Intel could easily sit back for a bit and rest on their laurels, but they don't; they keep pushing ahead with constant innovation. That innovation has brought them to their newest chipset, the Intel X58 Express chipset, and the Intel DX58SO Motherboard.

The Intel DX58SO chipset, coupled with the ICH10R southbridge, brings the best and greatest that Intel has to offer to a quality designed motherboard that will bring the end user all the performance, speed and capabilities to make their computing experience all that it can be.