Acer TravelMate 6921

The TravalMate is a series that Acer’s had around for some time. True to the name, the TraverlMate range is made to be lugged around whiter you will and we had one model travel to us, the Acer TravelMate 6921

No nonsense from this machine. On the outside it has no unnecessary frills and is not particularly easy tell apart from the rest of the business centric notebook crowd. Black, not shiny, business like and well, that is what most business user want. Not to mention the funny looks you get from McLaren fans if you decided to do a business presentation with an Acer Ferrari notebook instead.

On the specs side of the scale, its heart is intel’s Centerio Duo T5500 running at 1.66Ghz and a decent 1 GB of Ram to properly run the copy of Vista that was installed on the machine. Graphic Wise, it does also recommend this for games with high graphic requirement. But as far as basic specifications go, office application and nothing too taxing will run just fine on this machine.

Beside the processor and RAM, you also get a decent amount of USB ports - three to be exact. If any of you quibble about not having more, do remember you’re getting portability for the price of saving.

Apart from that, you don’t really feel short- changed because the notebook comes with all the standard WiFi, BlueTooth, a card reader, Firewire port as well as S-video/Tv out. Event better, they slapped on the web camera as well which is certainly a space saver.

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