Foxconn 8600GTS

New operating systems always mean upgrades. The biggest operating system upgrade in the recent times was the much heralded and even much more delayed Vista. With it came the much touted security and visual different from its older brother XP.

Foxconn has been around since 1974. Nvidia is a name synonymous with performance graphic since storming on the graphic card scene. Both of these big names combine to bring some of the best graphic card available on the market today. The Nividia 8600GTS which is the faster cousin of the GT card is the one that I managed to get my hand on there. The GTS boast 25% faster core clock speed and 35% increase in memory clock speed.

The 8600GTS has a list of features that reads like the performance specifications of an exotic sports car. Designed from the ground up for the much awaited Direct X10 and packing the new and faster CDDR3 memory. The 8600 series graphic engine has been optimized for more than just gaming. The 8600 card has also been optimized with help of nVidia pure video HD technology to give exceptional playback performance of Blue Ray and HD Video.

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