LG diamond series L1960TR


Not so very long ago, the typical flat-panel came with a contrast of just 300:1 or 400:1. The contrast ratio is a measure of color depth and improving this figure has long been an aim of ambitious manufactures.

But these low ratios didn’t remain the apogee of LCD technology for long and today’s ordinary screen come with a contrast ratio of 600:1 or 700:1. However, no other company has shown quite the guile of LG, Choosing to boast that its latest 19in flat-panel has a startling 3, 00:1.

LG’s L1960TR sets a new standard for respond time, for exceeding the typical response time of 8ms or even 4ms. At 2ms, even the most intense actions stay crisp and clear. The LCD picture enhancing chip provides not only astounding color, but superb contrast and image quality. The FLATRON F-ENGINE adjust the contrast and brightness independently of each other to produce amazing image.

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