InFocus IN26+

If seen from its physical of course there are no big difference between IN26+ and IN24+, even its weight and display seen so similar. The basic difference there is at higher level resolution. With maximum resolution 1024x768 making sharper picture and further reach.

The projector which aiming at business class of course gives better product quality than demonstrates the multimedia feature. Therefore all the functions pertained simple according to the market share. The function button is simple and only provides standard feature like power, auto of image, keystone, presets, menu, select, volume and source.

Air circulation placed at each its side. Left side is air absorb ide for air discard. Even Air circulation is good enough but hot air produced is high enough mainly in top area of projector.

Zoom function is activated manually and its button placed at the top of lens. Just spin the button to switch on the projector, so do with the focus. Even at manual is described that closest reach around 1,5 meter, when we test it, shortest distance can be reach 30 cm. Mean this projector can applied to do presentation even in a small room.

Infocus IN26+ of course balmy business class required projector for requirement of other white colars presentation and also business. Quality presented good, and still able to be applied in small presentation space.

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