160-megapixel digital camera

digital camera

What are the most important features of a camera for you? At present compact, multifunctional and stylish digital cameras are generally considered as the best ones. All these three features serve as the main criteria while someone is choosing which one he/she should buy. However, some companies trying to invent a high-end device neglect some of these criteria. Do you pay much attention to pixels while choosing a camera? Do you believe that the more pixels a camera has the better will be the quality of photos?

Seitz company, for example, created a 160-megapixel 6 x 17 inch camera that is considered to have the highest resolution among all the digital cameras. In addition to the fact that this gadget looks huge it is probably heavy to carry and shoot with. Apparently one full resolution image taken with this Seitz camera will take up approximately 900MB. So a simple memory card won't be enough for you to make even a few photos.

The Seitz D3 impresses not only with its sizes (6 x 17, 4.5 lb), but also with its features. This gadget takes pictures with resolution of 7,500 x 21,250 pixels, that is to say 160 MP. The Seitz D3 Digital Camera is combined with a tablet PC, which works with it, making the whole process easier and more reliable in service. But in case you really like extremely high resolution image be ready to buy a portable hard drive for this purpose. Nevertheless, that's not the half of it. Such a high-end gadget costs about $ 45,000.

Of course it's great that now you have the possibility to possess this high resolution camera. Yet I'm sure that there is hardly someone who really needs this stuff. Moreover its price is so high that just quite a limited number of people can afford it. As a result I would like to say that to buy this gadget means to make one of the most irrational purchases in the world.

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