Copy CD\DVD on the go without PC

CD and DVD burners are so common nowadays, that it is hard to find a PC without CD-RW\DVD-RW drive. Sometimes, when your friend brings another cool DVD, it is a pity that you cannot just copy it without going to nearest PC. It slows the process, and laziness prevails in most times. Imagine that there is a gadget that will simplify this process. That will be capable of copying CD and DVD without need of PC connection, portable and rapid! Fortunately, such gadget really exists.

EZ Dupe Ultra Slim Single-Target Portable DVD Duplicator is a portable disc-copying machine. Just slide into source DVD and blank one and in minutes you will get one complete copy of source disc. It is slim, so it can fit in your pocket; it is capable of high speeds reading / writing, so you will get a copied disc very quick. The drive is capable of copying DVDs at 8x and CDs at 16x speeds, which is a good achievement for such portable and slim device. It is also multi format, meaning that it will burn both plus and minus DVD discs, in addition to CDs, Multi-session Photo CD, and VCDs; and best of all, this gadget can mark your discs via Lightscribe technology. When copying Audio CDs, you can even change the track order and position them as you like.

This gadget is cool, but what about copyright issues that RIAA is so cared about? In the most cases, copying discs is not completely legal. However, following quote from some old cartoon, "We are not thieves, we are just honest pirates" - this gadget can be very popular at warez parties, if there are some nowadays. Of course, there are many legal ways of using this gadget, which are exactly ones that Portable DVD Duplicator manufacturers thought about. Price is high, about 400-500 dollars, so think twice about usefulness of this kind of device.

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