While many modern gadgets can play video, not everybody knows how to convert his favorite TV show into special format that is recognized by his gadget. It can be a real pain to do it right, and you will need to capture video from the TV first. Why would you buy a new episode of Lost preformatted for your iPod when you can do it yourself? Not without some help though. This recorder gadget is created to simplify the process of recording new videos to your mobile devices, such as iPod, and make this process more enjoyable.

iRecorder looks just like an overgrown Shuffle with big circle that imitates Click Wheel and has a set of control buttons on it. This gadget is a media device which you must connect to whatever video source available: TV, cable, set top box, satellite receiver box, DVD or your Camcorder. You'll only need to check, if there is an RCA jack output from your source. If it has one then you'd be able to connect it to this device's AV-IN jack. It also has AV-OUT to preview recorded media on the TV. iRecorder will precisely capture any video signal into a format that is easily played by most multimedia gadgets out there - MPEG4.

And more to say, it will even transfer it directly to the device itself, so you won't even worry about getting the converted movie out - all is done by this recorder. This vide transfer function is compatible with iPods, Nano (3rd generation), iPod Classic or any other media device that can play MPEG4 video.

With help of this device, you will be able to transfer any DVD or recording to your portable media player, without having to read all those freakin' manuals, which is usually meant to be understood only by technicians. And by the way: its cost is 200 dollars.

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