Samsung's first PMP

Samsung first PMP
Samsung is a huge Company producing cameras, cell phones, TV's, printers, DVD player and other electronics. Finally the Samsung has decided to please the youth with a portable media player. I bet Samsung did a pretty good job with this player because it's the first one. They called it P2 and made a real PMP monster out of it: giving it almost all the features that a person might want from a personal player.

First of all its main function is to playback media for the user. Believe me; everything is great in this concern: Samsung P2 supports MP3 and WMA formats which should be enough for now. Concerning video playback the P2 supports WMV9, MPEG4, SVI formats; finally you can look through you JPEG gallery on its 3 inch display. In addition to all that Samsung gives you the possibility to listen to FM radio too.

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