Home Burglar Alarm Systems

alrm syatems
The AAS Security System provides you and your family the complete home burglar alarm systems complete kit. The piece of mind that only the most advanced wireless alarm system can provide. The AAS Security System is the most affordable, technologically advanced, sophisticated, yet easy to use and install wireless home or office security systems available today. The wire-free AAS will monitor your property continually whether you are home or away. A full-featured wireless security system that combines the most popular security features in a convenient and economical package. This system offers all the bells & whistles you need to effectively protect your home from burglars.

Technical Details

* 32 defensive zones containing up to three sensors in each
* Phone line anti-cut function [warning sound alerts to line tampering]
* Auxiliary power back-up system for continuous operation during power outages
* Memory storage capacity for 6 phone numbers [21 digits in length] and recorded message
* Programmable entry and exit delay

Product page AAS 600 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit (DIY)

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