Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Ever since the creation of Skype and Youtube, tech-savvy people will find an excuse to use a webcam. Everyday videos are uploaded to Youtube – be it from professionals to webcam videos. Having a webcam that delivers clear pictures and videos has become an important aspect when purchasing one. Of course, you can use webcams to do other things as well but we’ll leave that up to your imagination. If you fall into one of the many categories of webcam users, let us introduce you to the nifty Microsoft LifeCam Cinema.

It boasts of being the first consumer webcam with 720pm high definition (HD) sensor, which delivers widescreen video at 16:9 at up to 30 frames per second. We can attest to its HD quality – our video quality was beyond clear and we were pleased that we didn’t look pixilated as we move around. The price is simply too good to pass up for the feature it provides.

The LifeCam Cinema is equipped with Auto Focus and ClearFrame Technology. It is no wonder that videos are crisp and smooth when we were testing it. It is coupled with a digital noise-cancelling microphone and a flexible attachment – giving you the flexibility to video-conference or record in any environment (as long as you have a PC or laptop, of course).

Our only grumble with the Auto Focus function is that sometimes when we move ever-so-slightly (left, right, front, back, you name it), the webcam readjusts its focus. We think it is a tad bit too sensitive to the movement.

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