13-port USB Hub keeps everything connected

13-port USB Hub

Synchrotech has been notifying everyone in the blogsphere that it is now carrying the latest 13-port USB hub. The hub runs in self-powered hub, obviously, given all the burden it has to carry. We found five USB ports on two sides and rest on the remaining sides. Each port is able to pump a full 500mA current, thanks to the AC adapter with a generous 4 amps. of capacity.

We don't really recommend hooking up all your mission critical devices to hub as the hub transceiver could be working at max. capacity even with only half of those ports occupied. Anyhow, if you feel like you need more for your USB slippers, greenhouse, heatpad, batteries and etc, the Synchrotech 13-port hub is a worthy investment afterall, and Frank would definitely agree with you on this one.
Source everythingusb.com

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