USB Media Remote

The remote control may be humanity's most perfect invention, granting you control over the audio/visual powers of your universe and making you like unto a god. Or at least someone who doesn't have to leave the couch every time you want to change a channel, fast forward through a commercial, or adjust the volume.

For you Media PC types out there, the power to control remotely might be lacking – or so USB Geek would have us believe: their USB Media Remote is a $30.00 product designed for the Windows-running, media-loving laptop users out there. The remote works through some sort of wireless receiver that connect to your computer through a USB port, and works from up to 30 feet away. The pictures on the site are too small to read the remote, but it appears to do all of the standard DVD functions, plus volume control and forward and back keys for PowerPoint presentations.

As a loss-prevention measure, USB Geek built the remote and the receiver into a carrying frame that fits into any PCMCIA slot. The product page mentions that the remote sticks out a little bit from the slot (aren't those things spring-loaded anyway?), but if this picture is any sort of representation, we'd have to figure more than a few snags would occur.

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