Asus releases new Wireless router

Wireless router
Asus has introduced the WL-500gP V2 multi-functional wireless router. This router is Vista ready, and includes innovative features like AiDisk for easy file sharing, EZQos bandwidth management, and UPnP media streaming. The WL-500gP V2 has passed the “Works with Vista” certificate, and ensures fast and reliable wireless connectivity suitable for the demands of high-quality VoIP, video and online gaming functions.
The WL-500gP V2 supports the UPnP protocol and automatically searches and recognizes all digital media players in the network. This makes it easy to share music and video files stored through the WL-500gP V2 to any WiFi device via smooth streaming from the external hard drive to the digital media players.

The most unique function for WL-500gP V2 is AiDisk. AiDisk combines simple FTP settings with the ASUS DDNS service to share files with friends easily no matter when and where the user is. By simply utilizing the WL-500gP V2 with a USB hard disk, users will be able to create a mini FTP server at home and only requires them to setup an account and password and select the file they want to share.

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