Asus releases Rampage Formula gaming board

gaming board
Asus has released the new Rampage Formula motherboard. With the innovative Pin-Fin Thermal Module, this motherboard provides quiet, efficient cooling that allows users to enjoy a more stable environment for overclocking. Additionally, the inclusion of the innovative overclocking technology – CPU Level Up, lets users obtain flexible CPU overclocking easily – even without prior overclocking knowledge.
The new Pin-Fin thermal design breaks the "Boundary-layer" phenomenon for effective airflows and results in better overall thermal performance when compared with traditional stacked-fin heatpipe solutions. It also features an enlarged “heat-exchange” surface area – allowing the most efficient heat dissipation to occur, and thus achieve the best thermal cooling.

The ROG Rampage Formula comes with unique features for flexible CPU upgrading without extra costs. The CPU Level Up feature allows users to easily upgrade CPU performances without prior overclocking knowledge. Simply pick the processor you need, and the motherboard will do the rest.

Stay tuned for local pricing and availability.

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