Walkie Talkie Watches

Walkie Talkie
Walkie talkies are useful for keeping in touch with people in the great outdoors. Sure, your cell phone is almost as easy to use (or just as easy if you have push-to-talk), but unfortunately if you’re in the great wild, you aren’t going to have much luck getting a signal. If you’re one that doesn’t want to mess with carrying a walkie talkie around in your hand or on your belt all the time, why not get a pair of that sit on your wrist.

Sure, these Walkie Talkie Watches might be a little big to wear around as ordinary watches all the time, but look less obtrusive than your average device. These will work up to 1.5 miles away, and feature VOX so you don’t have to use both hands to operate it, and even comes with an earpiece for more discrete communication. You can pick up a pair for around $65.

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