DigiFi Digital Opera wireless headphones

Headphones and audio accessories manufacturer DigiFi have been showing off their new Digital Opera wireless headphones, which couple an over-the-ear headset with an iPod adaptor. Using Kleer’s wireless audio technology, the system includes “point to multi-point” Listen In, which means up to four people can hear music from one transmitter dongle. Kleer uses a proprietary RF wireless connection, promising “lossless CD-quality stereo”.
DigiFi are suggesting you can see in excess of 10hrs of playback through the headset, with a 20HZ to 20KHz frequency range, 86dB signal to noise ratio and less than 0.1-percent distortion. The short-range Kleer wireless has 2.37Mbps bandwidth and a range of up to ten meters. Best of all, when the Digital Opera set goes on sale - in Korea first, then the US and Japan, before worldwide availability - it’ll cost around $98.

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